Core Values: This is the big picture.

1. Support cottage and US industry with essential oils and other aromatic products. This goes deeper than sales. This is a commitment to support American farms and families through the entire supply chain. We want our customers to know that when possible we buy American and we source from American farms giving them priority over foreign vendors. This includes challenging the reports that essential oil from overseas outperforms oil produced in the USA. Sometimes these statements are true but that doesn’t mean we can’t think critically and subject these reports to new scrutiny. We do not believe there is objective scientific evidence proving Roman Chamomile produced in Europe is therapeutically superior to USA material. The logical extension of this is to support business in the western hemisphere in general. If we can’t buy American we will buy from our nearest neighbors. The reason is simple. The economy of Canada and Mexico is relevant to the economy of the USA. Our third choice is the Caribbean and Central and South America. The only exclusion would be governments that are openly hostile to the US and allies and those guilty of human rights violations. Though we don’t consider China an enemy we do consider their trade practices to be bad for this hemisphere especially long term. For these reasons we are determined to not only support existing business shrouded by this canopy but to work and invest in building more new western hemisphere essential oil business.

2. Design original products using materials found in nature. We believe the surface has barely been scratched. Of course this is profitable, but it is also exciting. We confess the part of our job we enjoy the most is making new stuff. Some of you share our madness. Perfumes, healing balms and flavors are like gold, silver and precious stones waiting to be discovered. We don’t dig with shovels, we dig with our minds and rather than leave gaping holes in the earth we fill classrooms with bright kids eager to make money and contribute something.

3. Design the most useful products. It is great when we make a new product people like. It is icing on the cake when the product has great utility. When a soap maker tells us a blend that we developed is helping an arthritic live a better quality of life that is a red-letter day. That aligns our focus. We build and design with that end in mind. That is part of the big picture. We see where we want to be. The product has usefulness and it smells great. We aren’t looking for endorsement from scoffers. We know when our friends and the people we love say this is good and it works.

4. Offer the best price in line with reasonable margins. One of the most important books of my life has been the seven habits and I have read it three times. The habit that gets me is the win-win. I love it. It takes the adversarial out of business relationships. If my customer wins, I win. I just love that. So as an organization we manage our pricing schedule based on a win-win paradigm. These are not just empty words. We genuinely would not sell at a price we could not justify.

5. Offer the best products. This is work. This requires study. It requires attention to detail. It also requires courage. Though our price might be higher or our margin smaller if we genuinely know that product A is better than product B we must buy the better material. The exception would be if the moral obligations presented in our big picture could reasonably be applied. In other words, if the peppermint from France was a 99 out of 100 and the USA mint was 98 out of 100, I am conflicted but I side with Martha and George. Rarely are ethical conundrums so well packaged. It is then a matter of prayer and meditation and a multitude of counsel. This is the standard that puts competition in our business. I was a distance runner. I learned that ultimately I am competing against my own record. If I tried to run a mini-marathon like a world-class runner I ended up on the sidelines. I learned I had to run my race. These were the goals I could reach. We, as an organization must run our race. There are products that we can and do design when no other organization sees the opportunity. As a distance runner weaves through openings and hugs the curve to run his race, we also work on the five points of our core values. We will sometimes be at an advantage because we are smaller and the specialty oils that are hard to source in large volumes can be sourced in small volumes. The bigger the company the more likely they must source commercial quality oils in order to meet massive demands. We sell an exceptional quality of Melissa, Rosemary, Clove Bud, Sweet Basil and Silver Fir that no other EO company can offer simply because the productions are so small. Our commitment is to look diligently through our producer samples and select the very best one.