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Botanical Name: Aquilaria crassna

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Origin: Thailand

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Characteristics: These oils are distilled from fungus-infected trees. There are four species that have real relevance today. Arabs have established a reputation as the foremost connoisseurs for these costly oils. Discriminating dealers have paid as much as forty thousand dollars for a pound of specified lots. Individuals who trade in Agarwood or Oud, as it is called, approach it in the way of a dealer in fine art.

There is a debate among these experts as to what constitutes a “good” Oud. The oil should be thick but mobile, but with heavier viscosity. It should have a consistency like sandalwood or vetiver. The color should be no lighter than honey and it can be as dark and thick as molasses. One should not consider a light Oud as inferior and by the same standard should not consider a dark oil superior. The aroma has great range. It can be fruity, woody, pleasant, earthy, animalic and even fecal. One should not consider a single attribute inferior to another.

In Agarwood there are always personal preferences. There is also the end use to contemplate. Agarwood has four primary uses. First it used in religious practice. Secondly it is used for meditation in general. Thirdly it is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Lastly it is a magic wand in the perfumer’s art. It is readily detectable at a tenth of a percent in perfume. It alters the bouquet wherever it is added.

This is not a poor man’s oil. It is not even a layman’s oil. It is however, a good investment that gets better with age when it is properly stored.

Please Note: The information on is only provided for educational purposes, and further research should be done on each essential oil to be assured of its proper usage for each individual. Aromatherapy is not meant to be a replacement for care under a qualified health professional, but should be considered a complimentary form of healthcare.

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