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Botanical Name: Illicium verum

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Origin: China

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Characteristics: Anise Star, Illicum verum, is distilled from the star shaped seed pods producing a mobile liquid oil with a clear to pale color. The oil is high in Anethole and therefore is similar to other oils with high Anethole content like Anise Seed and Fennel Seed. Typically oils that are very similar in chemical make-up can be used for similar purposes with some success.

The aroma is a characteristic anise, a category all its own. It is described as black jelly bean or licorice. In perfumery it adds a sweet and herbal top note.

The actual raw pods have been used in traditional Asian medicine for flatulence and other digestive issues. It has been used as a treatment for bad breath and colic. Shikimic acid is isolated from star anise and is relevant in the production of Tamiflu.

This evergreen tree is native to China and Vietnam. It grows in humid climates and requires several years to mature and produce fruit. It has been used as flavoring for thousands of years for duck and soups.
It blends beautifully with Anise seed, Fennel, Basil and Hyssop.

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