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Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia

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Origin: Italy

Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed or Distilled

Characteristics: Bergamot Peel Distilled (FCF), Citrus bergamia can be cold pressed (expressed) or distilled. There are benefits and advantages to both methods but the distilled variety is safer, more consistent and contains no waxy residue and less moisture.

The expressed variety is more colorful and arguably blends better with other expressed citrus. Some argue it is fresher and has a tart lemon-lime facet. Distilled bergamot is clear and mobile and lighter than water. It diffuses a fruity aroma with some terpenic nuances. It is a light pleasant smell, very clean and natural, exhilarating, and in blends, gentle and woody.

It can be used for a calming sedative effect, to build odor busting cleaners, for moodiness and to elevate a weary person. It cleans the air by adding light fruity smells and killing germs.

In natural perfumery it is a must. It ages well and unifies woody oils with citrus and spice. It blends perfectly with all the other citrus oils and is positively lovely with florals and heavy absolutes. It adds a candy-like sweetness when added to lavender and chamomile blends.

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